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Layered Storage:
  The convenience of easy open and closing procedures provides the opportunity to fill your storage by cut layers. This feature provides a consistent quality of forage throughout the storage period.

 Minimum Exposure:  A more timely closure of your storage upon completion of harvest ensures that the fermentation process commences quickly to establish a stable environment.

 A Quality Product:  Minimizing Dry Matter losses through reduced exposure during the feed out phase can provide enhanced digestibility and efficiency.

 Economical:  A one person open and close operation reduces labor costs and man hours. Valuable time that can be directed to other important management requirements

 Biosecurity:  Constant Pressure from the waterlines affixed to a high quality cover maintains the feed in a minimum oxygen environment. Feed is safe from burrowing rodents, pigeons, starlings or other animals. Avian droppings can contaminate feed in open storages. As the requirements of quality milk programs become more stringent this will become an important consideration.

 Large Capacity Storage:  Open ended bunkers or piles are rapidly filled and covered with a minimum of storage loss in spite of their larger capacities – Effective sealing of the unique covering system by Sysilco also reduces the negative effects of inadequate packing density common with conventional bunkers or other storage.


Sysilco Covering System
and the Environment

A totally closed feed out face on your bunker can provide your herd a consistent level of forage dry matter daily.

Changes in moisture content are no longer affected by rain events, nor are excessive run-off with leaching of silage juices.

The Sysilco Automated Closure System can in addition limit the effects of ROG (reactive organic gas) and their resulting impact on air quality.